• Learning how to use behavior to significantly increase your level of aggression.
  • How to spot the 3 most common pre flop tells at live 1/2 and 2/5 games.
  • Testing your current ability to identify bluffs and narrow ranges. (Using footage from real recorded games)
  • Understanding how groundbreaking advancements in behavioral pattern recognition can dramatically transform your play.
  • Learning a simple 3 step process to significantly reduce the tells you are currently giving off at the table.
  • Changing the way you play live poker. The average player has NO IDEA how powerful behavior can be. We are going to change that.


What players have to say about beyond tells

During the first week. We ask for feedback. This is what we get.

“It just opened up a whole new world. I sit down at the table with a completely different mindset, a completely different focus, and what I’m looking for is a layer of dimension that didn’t exist before.”

-Sean, P.

“This is the highest quality educational material I have ever seen. The level of detail and the whole experience is really amazing. Thank you so much for this.”

- MIKE, M.

“I think Blake is incredibly smart with what he does and very professional and you can tell that he definitely puts his heart and soul into it. And yeah, I’d recommend it to anybody. I think it’s an incredible program.”

- Jon

“I doubled up my first session after this information just by attacking weakness. This is such a game changer. I can’t believe I was missing so many signs of weakness.”

- JESS, M.

“After watching the first week I probably saved thousands just because I was exposed to all the information I was giving off. I was watching each video and constantly feeling like I do the same exact things”

- aL, P.